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Enhance the styling of your Grand Prix with our aggressive yet perfectly balanced and stylish rear spoiler.
This rear spoiler offers a perfect balance of a well designed customization to your Grand Prix without being
obnoxious, and while maintaining the clean lines and design of the vehicle though its’ smooth rounded contours.
This spoiler is like no other spoiler on the market, and offers a very thin leading edge that blends smoothly
into the trunk lid. A definite show stopper, this spoiler is sure to attract attention with its perfectly designed
lines and bold upward curve, as well as improve aerodynamics of the vehicle and reducing drag.

Features and Benefits

• Perfectly balanced design that offers styling without taking away from the natural lines
of the vehicle, specifically the rear end
• Matches up great with an MPD Hood
• Easy installation utilizing factory mounting holes
• Comes ready to be prepped and painted
• Guaranteed factory fit
• Engineered aerodynamics to reduce restriction and allow for an
improved “jet-stream” effect of air and resistance moving over the spoiler
• Factory like finish that looks as if the spoiler is an OEM part
rather than an aftermarket components

MPD uses the high quality materials along with an even higher level of craftsmanship
to ensure that this product is the best your money can buy.
Don’t sit on the sidelines dreaming about what you want your vehicle to look like;
MPD products can make those dreams a reality!


** MPD is a custom fabricator that builds your product per order. This means that our hoods, spoilers,
ground effect packages, and all other body components are custom made by hand for your vehicle.
Offering custom made specialty parts at an extremely high level of craftsmanship, as opposed to items
that are just pulled from a shelf and shipped, is one of the reasons that MPD parts are so sought after.
The level of craftsmanship we provide is hard to find, and therefore requires longer lead times to ensure
the highest level of quality possible. Normal lead times range from 4-6 weeks depending on complexity,
and lead times can vary based on demand; this is especially true our busy season (early spring and summer).
MPD recommends ordering your product as far in advance as possible to allow for unforeseen extended
lead times. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as your order is built, and assure you that you
will only receive the best product because of it. **

[Note: If you have trouble with placing an order, make sure that you have the
newest version of internet explorer or that your 3rd party cookies are not disabled.
Or download the firefox browser from www.mozilla.org and continue your
shopping with it.
It's for free and it's safe!]
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