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›› Via email from ROK "ROKS ROCKET" Kellogg one year after he bought his GTO scorpio hood and CAI setup:

"Hi, my name is ROK Kellogg from Middletown CT, it's been over a year since I bought your Hood and Air Box.
I have goten nothing but complements where ever I go, everyone loves the hood, I even received a Trophy,
due mostly to your/my hood and air box set-up. I attached some pictures so you can see how good it still looks.
I have heard horror stories about some of the other after market scooped hoods, like at high speeds their hoods
flex and ripple, bad fitting lines, there is even a new hood that just came out and there are no drain holes in it,
and customers are complaining that there is water caught in-between the hood panels.
I must have sent 20-30 GTO owners over to your web site, and I even had people thanking me for "turning" them
on to your company. I frequent the LS1GTO.COM web site, but I see you are not a sponsor there anymore, but I'm
still telling people about your company every time they ask about my hood. I hope everything is going great for MPD,
and I also want to thank Melissa for her help when I first contacted your company.......Keep up the good work!!!!!"

(From ROK after three years after I sent him an email thanking him for a sale)
"No problem Eric, it's been over 3 years now and the hood and air box are still like brand new. I get complements
on the hood everywhere I go, I'm happy to see others buying your hood for the GTO. It's IS the best after market hood
on the market, hands down!!!!! Again here are some pics so you can see it still looks brand new..."   ROK

›› Via email from Chris Gordon about his Impala Ram Air Hood:

"Hi Eric!
I'm just sending this to note to express my gratitude for your professionalism during our time awaiting my hood.
I know it took a little extra timeto receive my new ram air hood for my impala, but you were honest in your explanation
of what was transpiring at your place of business and even offered me my money back. In the end I'm glad I did not
accept your offer and I am extremely happy with the hood. The fit on the hood was exceptional and the styling meshed
right in with the Impala design. It looks fantastic! You were a gentleman throughout our dealings and even offered tips
and any other help you could provide on the installation of the hood. I wish you good luck in the future, but you don't
really need it, your product speaks for itself.   Sincerely, Chris Gordon"

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