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›› Voices from tbssowners.com – Trailblazer SS owners forum:

"Eric, I get compliments all the time on the hood, I have loved it since the first pictures that I was sent, all thru the design process,
and the day we bolted it to my truck i was speechless. IMO, it's the best designed hood I have seen, the quality is great, fit and finish
is excellent. My painter had zero work to the hood aside from scuffing it. I have told many TBSS owners where to get the hood,
and I know at least one has purchased from you. I wouldn't hesitate one minute to buy another hood from you if I had to!"

"The original concept was to have a "1970 Chevelle Style Functional Cowl Induction Hood on Steroids". MPD was able to take
this idea/concept and bring it into production. The fit and finish of the hood is exceptional. I have been highly pleased with the design
and construction of the hood since day one. I would not hesitate to work with MPD again in the future.  Left Coast '32"

"A+ hood! Love mine! My painter was in AWWW! He said he has never worked on a glass hood OR STEEL, that was this good.
He said he had 20 min in prep. The last hood he did was 13+ hours before paint. Here are a few shots of mine... COME ON SUMMER!
Ready to get back on the road. THANKS FOR THE GREAT HOOD ERIC!  Ross"

"Hi Eric, I purchased your TBSS functional cowl hood about a year ago and couldn't be more happy with it. The reason why I chose MPD's hood
over others is because of the functional aspect of the hood bringing in cooler air directly to the air box resulting in lower IAT temps.
I have purchased fiberglass hoods in the past for other project vehicles which required a lot of labor in prep work before paint.
What I didn't expect with this particular hood and was with is the beautiful fit and finish in which I was pleasantly surprised. I was very
pleased with the test fit as there was no real adjustments to be made, the hood bolted on and lined up perfectly the first time.
This hood is also extremely sturdy, very well constructed and yet light weight. My painter was very pleased with virtually no prep work
involved before painting the hood. It was literally immaculate and ready for paint right out of the box. The transaction was smooth and easy,
Eric was a pleasure to do business with and I would not hesitate to do business with again. I love my hood and I'm complimented very often
on it most places I go. Thanks so much MPD!!!!  Jason J C Enclade (Jay4speed)"

›› Via email from Ernest Hadman about MPD parts on his Chevy SSR:

"I have been building and playing with hotrods for 50 years and MPD parts are the highest quality parts that I have ever ordered.
The prep work for painting is very minimal and the fit is excellent.I would highly recommend his parts. I have included some pictures
of my SSR with running boards,front and rear spoiler. I also like the rear bumper he has for the SSR,it really cleans the backend
of the truck up,it is how Chevy should have done it in the first place."

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